Misery loves company - or so the saying goes.

Sadly for Sunderland and their fans, their nearest company on Tyneside are fierce rivals Newcastle United, who were anything but miserable on Sunday afternoon after the Black Cats succumbed to a crushing last-minute defeat to Charlton Athletic, with a promotion spot to the Championship on the line.

It all started perfectly for the Mackems after going ahead early in the first half thanks to a calamitous own goal from Charlton, with Mouhamadou-Naby Sarr and Dillon Phillips combining to create what's got to be one of the worst own goals in football this season.

Thankfully for the pair, Ben Purrington struck before half-time to tie things up to set up a nervous final 45 minutes in Wembley. Just as it seemed as if the match would head to extra time, Patrick Bauer stepped up to strike the winner, sink Sunderland hearts, and earned himself the privilege of never having to buy a beer in Newcastle again.

As you might expect, the Toon Army were somewhat...vocal in the plight of their neighbours.

One could be forgiven for thinking that having Sunderland back in the Championship, and therefore one step closer to the Premier League, would be a good thing for football in England - after all, who doesn't love a great Derby?

But that doesn't seem to be the case with Newcastle fans, who immediately recommended Sunderland start work on the second season of the Netflix documentary Sunderland 'Til I Die

Yeah, don't think there's a single Newcastle fan who has any sympathy for Sunderland today. Football, eh?