​We all love a good stat, don't we? 

They might not always tell the whole truth, but they can clear up those pressing questions, such as 'which Premier League team covered the most distance (km) over the course of the 2018/19 season?' better than words ever could. 

Interestingly, the answer to that enquiry is not Liverpool, as many would expect due to Jurgen Klopp's high-octane style of play. Nor is it Wolves, who you might have thought would cover a bit of ground due to the blistering counter-attacks that won them positive results against each of the top six at one point or another this season. 

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

It is, in fact, Unai Emery's ​Arsenal (perhaps surprisingly) who emerge on top of the work-rate table, having covered an admirable 4310.14km in Premier League matches this season, as per ​Opta

The race between the Gunners and ​Tottenham for a top-four place was tight, and it's the same story here, interestingly. The North London rivals are separated by less than 12km in the stats here, with Spurs coming in at second place on 4328.52km.

​Liverpool, might be in the Champions League final next week, but don't even qualify for the European places here. You have to look as far down as eighth, behind their Merseyside rivals, to find the Reds, who covered 4270.97km. It seems having the ball all the time means you don't have to run as much. 

Mohamed Salah,Andy Robertson

Elsewhere, champions ​Manchester City make the top half, coming in just one place and 22km behind, while ​Manchester United drop down into the Distance Covered Championship (along with West Ham and Cardiff) on just  4098.78km - the third lowest total in the league. The stat only backs up the idea that the Red Devils' big names did not work hard enough during this difficult season.

You can see the full table below. 

Team​Distance Covered (km)
​Manchester City4248.90​
​Crystal Palace4243.11​
​Manchester United4098.78​
​West Ham4067.14​