​Well, it's finally official.

After months of speculation, Borussia Dortmund have officially secured the signing of Borussia Mönchengladbach forward Thorgan Hazard on a five-year contract.

The Belgium international has already spent half a decade making a name for himself in the Bundesliga, but still seldom is known about the 26-year-old (or Eden Hazard's little brother, as most people know him) outside of Germany.

Here are five things to know about Borussia Dortmund's new forward.

He Comes From a Footballing Family


At this point, it should have been drilled home that Thorgan Hazard is the younger brother of Eden, and most of you will even know that the two most famous brothers have another sibling who is a professional footballer, Kylian.

But what most fans might not know is that their footballing gene actually comes from their parents.

Hazard's father, Thierry, played mostly at a semi-professional level in the Belgian second tier with Louviéroise, but as he was a defensive midfielder it was actually their mother that passed down the most knowledge to the three pros.

As an attacking player in the Women's First Division, Carine only stopped playing football when she was three months pregnant with Eden.

He Has an Annual Goalscoring Bet With Eden Hazard

Thorgan Hazard

A bit of sibling rivalry never hurt anyone. Between Thorgan and Eden, there's an annual incentive not to finish as the lowest scoring brother, which has already been going for a number of years.

"There has been a kind of competition between us for years," Thorgan revealed. "If you score the fewest goals, you have to invite the other to dinner at the end of the season."

But family dinners could soon get a lot more expensive, as the new Borussia Dortmund star explained how their younger brother Kylian would soon be dragged into the light-hearted wager.

He's Regularly Starting for the National Team


Despite breaking into the national team at 20, Hazard has had to be patient for his chances with Belgium.

But the Bundesliga star has actually been part of every single matchday squad since October 10, 2016, which is a longer run starting on the pitch or off the bench that Eden, Kevin De Bruyne - who hasn't featured since the World Cup - and Romelu Lukaku.

He Can Play in Multiple Positions

Lukasz Piszczek,Thorgan Hazard

During Chelsea's pre-Maurizio Sarri days it was always very clear where Eden Hazard would be playing every week, but at Gladbach, Thorgan often found himself switching positions every week and he hasn't left fans disappointed in a single one.

During his time as manager at Gladbach, Lucien Favre's system of playing the creative Lars Stindl or Raffael through the middle at times saw Hazard drafted in for cover, and during his career at the club, the 26-year-old was directly involved in 26 goals whenever he played through the middle.

In almost as many games on the left, however, the Belgium international has found himself directly involved in 37 goals for Gladbach, while Hazard also boasts a record of eight goals and 18 assists in just 40 appearances coming in off the right.

He's Named After a Comic Book Character

Thorgan Hazard

Following in the footsteps of older brother Eden, the odds were always going to be stacked against Thorgan while he tried to make a name for himself in European football.

Fortunately, however, he didn't have to. 

Borussia Dortmund's new signing was actually named after a fictional character from a fantasy comic book series in the 1970s, Thorgal Aegirsson. 

In the series, Thorgal Aegirsson was born on another planet but was eventually raised by Vikings when his spaceship...

So maybe that's the secret behind the Hazard brothers' success over all these years.