Steven Gerrard has admitted that he had an extended interview with Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp for his Pro Licence qualification, praising the Reds boss for his openness. 

Gerrard has coached Rangers in the Scottish Premiership this season, taking the Glasgow side to second place behind overwhelming favourites Celtic. 

Quoted by the ​Echo, the former Liverpool skipper said: "I understand his job is 24/7 and around the clock and he doesn’t need me nagging him or being in his face. But what I will say is that every time I have met him or come across him, he has been brilliant."

He added: "Recently I did an interview with him for my Pro Licence. It was meant to be 15 minutes and he had me in there for an hour-and-a-half. He is one of those people who is real and authentic, who will give you everything you need and more. He is an open book and, to be fair, every time I have asked him for anything, not that I’ve asked him for a lot, he has gone above and beyond."


Gerrard continued: "Some of his methods, ways and ideas are fascinating. They’re different but he’s obviously getting a lot of joy and success from it. It’s something I will always remember if I’m ever at the stage where I have the amount of experience they’ve got.

"I will always make sure I give people the time they’ve given me, to help me along the way. Where I am sitting, you aspire to be as good as all the top managers in the world, of course you do."