You lose a Champions League semi final first leg 3-0, then come back and secure a 4-3 aggregate success with two key players missing. You can't write it. A result that will forever be ingrained into all football supporters' memories. History.

It was a match of pure, exhilarating, unmovable excitement that​ took us on a 95-minute rollercoaster, stopping four times on its way to us being doused in water and having our picture taken at the end.

For ​James Milner, it would have felt like something similar. Only he instead was being filmed and watched by millions worldwide, and the only water anywhere near him was his own sweat and tears of unbridled joy. It was a timely reminder to us all why football is so special.

His crying at the end of ​Liverpool's historic 4-0 win over ​Barcelona embodied what we all love about this sport. Its emotional pull. Its knack of coughing up moments of sheer brilliance. Its inability and unwillingness to stick to a script. 

It's just wonderful

Often regarded as one of the more level-headed players in the game, Milner simply couldn't hold back his emotions, and to suggest he was the only one shedding a tear in stadium would be telling porkies. 

Grown adults crying. It encapsulates the wonder of the game.

While the former Manchester City man displayed his delight in an understandable manner, other players expressed their euphoria through the more common method of jumping up and down, regardless of whether they were crocked or not.

A Steven Gerrard fan page also found time to poke fun at former Reds star ​Luis Suarez, who, it's fair to say, had a torrid night on his return to Anfield.

Reaching the final for the second year running is an achievement in itself, and naturally current and former players were quick to respond with their own messages of delight, including a certain German goalkeeper.



​​No matter the reaction from those involved or those from afar, football can evoke feelings that are simply unmatched in other facets of life. 

Sure, there are plenty of other moments during our respective existences that can spark jubilation, make you tear up or bring you unmeasurable happiness, but football does it week in week out, and it's just 22 people chasing a ball around for 90 minutes.

Liverpool v Barcelona - UEFA Champions League Semi Final: Second Leg

Footballers can often be deemed emotionless by onlookers, mere robots going about their jobs and earning stacks of money as a result. We know that's not the case, but Milner made those who forgot it realise it once again. Nothing beats football.