​With the birth of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's first child - an unnamed baby boy - on Monday afternoon, we here at 90min thought there was no better way to celebrate than to compare members of the royal family with members of the royal football world.

Because, well, fun. 

Here they are:

Meghan Markle: Raheem Sterling


An easy one to start with, Meghan Markle and ​Raheem Sterling are unified principally by the hatred they provoke in certain, err, Sunny and Mail-y parts of the media. 

Both have also had a stellar past 12 months, with Meghan getting married and having her first child and Raheem winning the Premier League with 100 points, reaching the World Cup semi-finals, winning the EFL Cup and the PFA YPOTY thanks to 23 goals and 17 assists in the 2018/19 season. 

Indeed, with a goal and an assist in two games against Brighton, I guess you could say both have a claim to be the Duke/Duchess of Sussex, amirite?

Prince Harry: Kevin De Bruyne

Raheem Sterling,Kevin De Bruyne

That's right, famed redhead Prince Harry is essentially famed redhead ​Kevin De Bruyne. It really is that easy, but it helps that the wonderful relationship that De Bruyne has with Sterling on and off the field replicates that of Harry and Meghan.

Just look at them. Beautiful. 

Unnamed Baby Boy: Chelsea Prospect #2914

Chelsea v Arsenal - FA Youth Cup Final: Second Leg

As it stands, Harry and Meghan's newborn remains unnamed, making him an unknown prospect. An unknown Chelsea academy prospect, to be precise.

Sure, he could end up being a Callum Hudson-Odoi or a ​Ruben Loftus-Cheek, but he could just as easily become the next Josh McEachran or Sam Hutchinson. Only time will tell.

Prince William: James Collins

James Collins

Being a devout Aston Villa fan and all, this one was all about finding a famous hairless Villan, but not in my wildest dreams did I think I could get a comparison as good as this. Just look at the boxes James Collins ticks:

Prematurely bald? Check. 

Villa legend? Check.

Welsh Royalty? Check. Check. Check.

Kate Middleton: Jordan Nobbs

Jordan Nobbs

In her capacity as the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton is essentially the vice-captain of the female section of the royal family (right?). Which is handy, because Arsenal Ladies' Jordan Nobbs is also vice-captain of the England Lionesses. 

Ergo they are one and the same. 

​Prince Charles: Sean Dyche


​After finding out that Prince Charles was a Burnley fan, it was simply a case of traipsing through the current squad with a fine comb. A number of candidates emerged, including Joe Hart, because, you know, at one point he was supposed to take over as the world's best keeper and it's now almost certain that he never will, but for some reason that didn't sit right. 

And then it became clear - Charles is clearly Sean Dyche. The former Chesterfield, Millwall and Watford player has forged a formidable managerial career, but that's not why he's the right man for the job. He's the right man for the job because his last name sounds like the Welsh version of Duchy Originals (the Prince's organic foods company), and that felt very on brand for the Prince of Wales, as did eating worms because, well, organic stuff?

Queen Elizabeth II: Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi

Is it just me, or is Queen Elizabeth the GOAT Royal? I feel like she definitely is. I mean, I'm not going to research it to provide any kind of stats to prove that she is or isn't, and I may be completely biased seeing as she's the only Queen I've had in my life, but I feel like she's still definitely the GOAT. 

Which is why she's so connected to His Royal GOATness ​Lionel Messi

Prince Philip: Scott Brown

Scott Brown

Prince Philip is the Duke of Edinburgh. Edinburgh is in Scotland. Born in Dumferline, just over the way from the capital, Scott Brown is also from Scotland. Indeed, despite playing for famed Glaswegian side Celtic, Brown still lives in Edinburgh. Which is a bit controversial...a bit like Philip.

Yes, this duo have their doubters, having been fairly, and sometimes unfairly, maligned during their careers. Yes, they can come across as relics from a bygone era. But they have also been forced to sacrifice their talents (?) for the greater good of the team and, err, get stuck in.

Essentially, Philip is definitely the kind of guy to wear a t-shirt when out and about in the depths of a Russian winter ahead of a Europa League last 32 clash.

Danny Dyer: Mark Noble

Mark Noble

You thought it was over, didn't you. But you forgot about the unofficial royal that is Danny Dyer. Obviously, as a Propah Hammers fan, Dyer is a card-carrying member of the West Ham Through and Through™ fan club. And that is exemplified by one player, and one player only. 

Mark Noble. Just like Dyer will never actually be a member of the royal family, Noble will never be a fully-fledged England international in the real world, but in our heart of hearts, he's a World Cup-winning Three Lions captain, because that is what Propah West Ham captains do.