​Manchester City winger Raheem Sterling believes teams should be deducted nine points if their fans are found guilty of racist chanting.

Sterling has been the victim of a number of racist incidents for club and country this season, with the 24-year-old speaking out multiple times regarding football's racism problem.


Speaking to The Times, Sterling stated his belief that nothing will change if the punishments are lenient as they currently are, saying the issue makes him 'very angry' and 'disappointed.'

"When I was a boy growing up in London, going to school and playing football, I didn’t know what racist abuse was because I never suffered any. So it seems crazy that, in 2019, I feel the need to write a piece in a newspaper calling for radical changes to the game that I love. 


"But I do because the racism problem in football is so bad, runs so deep and is nowhere near being sorted."

​Sterling was allegedly racially abused during Manchester City's 2-0 defeat at Chelsea in December, as well as being part of the England side that suffered chants of a similar nature during their win at Montenegro in March.

Gareth Southgate joined Sterling in calling on UEFA to step up their punishments for Montenegro, while also backing Juventus forward Moise Kean following the racially aggravated chanting he suffered in a Serie A match against Cagliari.

"That is sadly the tip of the iceberg," said Sterling, who added: "Up and down the game, across the world, black and Asian players, fans and coaches are subjected to racism. 

"Every day, from park football to the Champions League. In my opinion, the people who run the game are doing nowhere near enough to solve the problem. And that’s not good enough."

Sterling has joined many others in signing a manifesto which demands more BAME people in positions of power, more consistent and suitable punishments for racist abuse, sponsors supporting anti-racism measures and social media and the media taking more responsibility.