​Liverpool have pocketed a staggering €55m from Champions League revenue so far this season after qualifying for the final four on Wednesday.

The Reds comfortably saw off Porto 4-1 in the second leg of their quarter-final tie, the result putting them through to the next round following a 2-0 victory against the Portuguese outfit at Anfield. They received €81.3m last campaign after reaching the final of the competition, but would earn significantly more were they to repeat that feat this time round.


Scores from ​Sadio Mané​Mohamed Salah​Roberto Firmino and Virgil van Dijk got the job done at Estádio do Dragão. The result ensured ​Liverpool would gain a further €12m on top of what they had already amassed by getting to the quarters.

A new three year agreement between UEFA and European clubs started this season, which has seen a significant increase in financial rewards for the competing teams. 

​The Liverpool Echo report that just qualifying for the group stages was worth €15.25m for the Reds, whilst the three victories they secured in their pool brought in an extra €8.1m.

Their subsequent 3-1 defeat of​ Bayern Munich in the round of 16 earned the Anfield outfit €9.5m, whilst just facing Porto this month drew an additional €10.5m.

The aforementioned €55m is merely made up of starting fees and a fixed sum of prize money, with more potential income arriving from other avenues. 

They could pocket an indeterminate amount from both their UEFA coefficient ranking and the market pool, the latter being distributed proportionally with regards to the value of different television markets.

Each place in the ranking system is worth €1.108m, giving the highest placed club a grand total of €35.46m, with that being a new revenue stream that was introduced to the ​Champions League in June.