​Former Liverpool favourite Jose Enrique has been given the all-clear from cancer, almost a year after having surgery to remove a brain tumour. 

The former Reds and Newcastle left-back was in danger of losing his sight when he started to suffer from headaches, and was diagnosed with a chordoma – a tumour which normally occurs in the base of the skull or spinal bones, but in Enrique's case was sat on the nerve of his left eye. 

In an Instagram post on Monday night, Enrique wrote: "So guys, today I have received the best news! My surgeon Dr Simal has called me up after receiving my recent MRI results...He has confirmed and given me the all clear! The area is clean and looking amazing he said. so now onwards and upwards! Thank you all again for all of your support throughout it all."

Enrique told ​BBC's Sportsworld last year that his former ​Magpies teammate Jonas Gutierrez had been in touch after his own struggles with cancer, revealing: "He said to keep going, I think it was more difficult for him because he had chemotherapy. 

"I looked at him and how positive he is. I said to him that he is now in a better shape than when he played for Newcastle. I think this has made me a better person."

Jonas Gutierrez,Jose Enrique,Jonas Gutierrez,Jose Enrique

He added: "As a footballer, you are in a bubble. At ​Liverpool, it was unbelievable how they treated the players. For 24 hours a day, seven days a week, someone took care of you. But I am human. Now I love and appreciate every day I have."