​The race for the Premier League crown is coming down to the wire in the final stretch of the season, with Liverpool and Manchester City battling it out to be the side on top when it all comes to an end on May 12.

Meanwhile, the race is hotting up (get it?) for the iron prize as Game of Thrones returns to our screens in a matter of days.

No matter how silly, preposterous or controversial you believe some of these links may be, rest assured it took far longer to complete than I would care to admit. But, when momentous moments on television arrive, they can't be ignored.

Thus, hopefully you might get a chuckle or two, or perhaps question why this was ever done. Well, blame me, it's my fault, but I do hope you enjoy the likely SPOILER FILLED list that awaits.

House Targaryen - Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp

​Having lurked in the shadows for years, far away from the throne, this could well be ​Liverpool's time after years of banging on about former glory.

Certain characters over the years have meant they weren't always liked (*cough* Diouf *cough* Viserys) however a new leader has emerged who may finally lead them to the top in Jurgen Klopp, although he isn't nearly as pretty as the Targaryen leader. 

House Stark - Manchester United​

Former Manchester United footballer and

The loss of a truly great leader has been difficult to amend, granted in the ​Red Devils' case it was somewhat less gruesome, but the road to recovery has been anything but smooth.

A place on the Iron Throne is beyond them, yet they have a more pivotal fight to contend against a side from foreign lands - in a battle for glory on a grander stage.

House Lannister - Manchester City

Manchester city owner Sheikh Mansour bin

Current occupiers of the throne and ever so faintly gripping hold of it at present, ​City's shed load of cash seemingly knows no bounds - despite having predominately come from an outside source.

The ​amount of Financial Fair Play trouble they seem to be getting in means they do indeed 'always pay their debts', while still retaining dominance on the land.

House Tyrell - Tottenham

Tottenham Hotspur v Crystal Palace - Premier League

Money doesn't buy you happiness, but it can buy you a shiny new stadium. Just as the Tyrell's sit on a wealth of gold and riches, ​Spurs saved up plenty in order to construct the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium - £1bn to be exact.

Having knocked on the door a couple of times in recent years, they've always fallen just short of the top, usually falling at the final hurdle.

House Baratheon - Arsenal​

Unai Emery

Previously undefeated and rulers of the lands, their fall from grace has been slow but steady.

However there are faint hopes of a legitimate claim to the throne in the form of Unai Emery, who is single handedly rowing a boat towards the top - even though it's apparently going to take a long time to get there.

House Martell - Wolves​

Diogo Jota,Ruben Neves

With a squad full of Portuguese players boasting a more olive complexion than their ​Premier League counterparts, their appearance bares some resemblance to the Martell family. 

Their stoic motto reads 'Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken', something Nuno Espirito Santo will be drilling into his players after a bitterly disappointing FA Cup semi final exit.

House Greyjoy - Chelsea


One of the greatest houses on Westeros, their close attachment to the sea and staying true to their traditions fits the bill for ​Chelsea - their attachment to the sea involves shipping players off abroad.

House Clegane - West Ham​

Issa Diop,Declan Rice,Mark Noble

Boasting a new-ish ground as well as a cult (with an 'L') following, they've often been the masters of their own downfall. 

They would love to stick it to one of their brothers in the capital, but can't think of a long-term strategy to do so.

House Arryn - Brighton

Brighton & Hove Albion v Everton FC - Premier League

Brighton's seagull mascot is a somewhat more irritating and chip-nabbing mascot compared to House Arryn's white falcon, but, you know, it's a white bird at least.

The Arryn family has always been the neutral party in Westeros, and well respected among the various families. And to be fair, ​Brighton are a nice club, sometimes popping their heads up, never causing trouble.

House Tarley - Bournemouth

Eddie Howe

When a certain Samwell Tarley graced our screens, be honest, you thought he was destined for the chop soon after. Well, much like ​Bournemouth, they're both still about.

It's unlikely they'll blow you away at any point, but remain as an under-appreciated success story of the Premier League and GOT. 

The Night's Watch - Newcastle United

Salomon Rondon

The Magpies, the most northern club the Premier League, sport black and white much like their wall guarding counterparts in Game of Thrones.

The Crows, as they're known, don all black attire, thick and warm (because it's grim up north), constantly covered in snow to give them the Toon Army look. Not to mention, the members' dedication to the cause is strikingly similar to the ​Newcastle fans' love of their club.

The Faceless Men - Fulham

Felix Magath

OK, they're also not a house, but hear me out. With three managers already attempting to steer Fulham clear of danger this season, there's always been a leadership issue, leaving them, well, faceless. 

Perhaps Felix Magath has returned to haunt his side once again, using the slightly friendlier appearance of Claudio Ranieri or the more handsome get up of a Scott Parker to win over the Cottagers' boardroom?

The Wildlings - Huddersfield


Yes I know, clutching at straws and whatnot.

Having shown the warrior like fight and real guts to survive the winter and stay in the Premier League last season, their relegation was confirmed, much in the way the Wildlings have been relegated into iced zombies.