Rafael Benitez ​has insisted he is willing to commit his future to Newcastle United, on the condition that Mike Ashley finally loosens the purse-strings and invests in the future of his club. 

Speaking to Spanish newspaper ​Marca, Benitez insisted that he and his coaching staff are looking to be part of an ambitious, competitive project – with Ashley's dealings in recent years suggesting that the Magpies may not represent that. 

Rafael Benitez

"​The owner (Mike Ashley) knows it: me and my team are looking for a future project," Benitez said. "Competitive and ambitious. Let's see if we are in the same line. It does not depend on what I believe.

"I stayed in Newcastle and it was a high risk. We could not save them the first year, we missed a couple of games, but the next we went up. It is a top club and to stay was a sign that we are professional coaches. We are in it to win titles, avoid a descent or whatever."

Francisco Paco De Miguel Moreno,Rafael Benitez

The Spaniard insisted that the club should have received proper financial backing after their stellar return to the ​Premier League, to ensure that they didn't have to focus on the prospect of a relegation battle.

"Then the idea was to invest to enter the top ten, but the money did not reach the expected level. Each owner manages his club as he wants, [but] now we are once again solving a problem of that lack of investment.

"​Newcastle has everything to be there, in the top eight, but it is not happening. I hope it is done in the future."

Highlighting the significance of a strong finish to the season, Benitez said: "Each match will be a final between now and May."

The former ​Liverpool manager also tried to assure Magpies fans that he was still just as dedicated to his job, adding: "I arrive between 7.30am and 8.00am and leave between 8pm or 9pm."