Lucien Favre hailed a 'perfect evening' after his Borussia Dortmund side's 2-0 win over Monaco put them top of their Champions League group, with Atletico Madrid failing to win at Club Brugge. 

However, the Swiss manager urged caution to fans delighted that their side secured top spot and a group winner seeding for the first knockout round of the Champions League. 

Quoted by ​​L'Equipe after the match, he said: "It's a perfect evening, yes. We absolutely wanted to win this game. Perhaps we would have had some small regrets if not, since Brugge held ​Atlético in check. But I do not know if being first is a good thing or not. We'll see.

"Monaco had some young players who played in Madrid. They are good young people. It's a good team that is not mature. It will take a long time for this team to evolve, they are not used to being bottom of the group. But it's not bad. I saw the matches against Amiens and Montpellier, it was not bad."

He added: "They had two chances, by Glik and on a boondoggle, but we dominated the match. This win was deserved overall."

​Dortmund currently sit top of the Bundesliga by a full seven points ahead of second placed Borussia Monchengladbach and Favre heaped praise upon his young team, saying: "We have a team that wants to go forward. We are very good offensively but we have a team who are still very young, often with an average age of 22 and a half years. So I still do not know how they can react."