​Napoli manager Carlo Ancelotti has hinted that he could be in for a long stay in Naples, and has insisted that catching Juventus isn't an unattainable goal this season.

Despite losing just two Serie A games this season, Ancelotti's Napoli sit in second position in the league table, now 11 points behind the behemoth that is Juventus following their win over Inter on Friday night. 

ACF Fiorentina v Juventus - Serie A

Napoli's start to the season has been impressive, but the addition of Cristiano Ronaldo this summer appears to have made Juventus close to unbeatable in Italy.

Speaking to Gazzetta dello Sport, Ancelotti hinted that he could remain as Napoli manager for a prolonged period of time.

He said: "I would really like it [to stay for a long time], maybe here are the features that are suitable for a similar project. I like many things in Naples. I like going to the city, I go down the street, to restaurants and nobody has ever bothered me, they are very respectful, maybe because they see me a bit old..."

When asked whether Juventus were 'unattainable' this season, Ancelotti made it clear that he feels his side still stand a chance at winning the Serie A title.

SSC Napoli v Red Star Belgrade - UEFA Champions League Group C

"No, Juventus is very strong, very continuous, but unattainable, no, in my football experience I have not found unbeatable teams yet, to keep up with Juventus, you have to work miracles," he added.

The Italian also took the opportunity to rule himself out of coaching the Italian national side in the near future: "I had the chance months ago, I talked to the FIGC, but I told them that I wanted to train a club.

"I like being here every day, I do not like training three times a month."