​Arsenal fans will have no doubt bounced into work with a spring in their step on Monday morning, belting out "It's Arsenaaaaaaal, Arsenal FC!" directly into the face of their bemused line manager, while the office's group of Spurs fans shrunk into the corner, praying not to be noticed while hiding behind their Audere est Facere-emblazoned coffee mugs.

On Sunday afternoon, in a day full of derby drama, the best viewing was to be had at the Emirates Stadium, where Arsenal came from behind to claim a famous 4-2 win over their arch local rivals - Tottenham Hotspur. It was a game packed full of drama, peppered with player brawls and enough action to rival any Hollywood blockbuster showing at a cinema near you.

The big question is, after Arsenal's famous win, who exactly 'owns' north London? In a footballing context, I hasten to add...

Arsenal FC v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League

While in reality Sunday's match was just one game, it did feel like a real landmark moment for the Gunners. Emery's side showed the kind of grit and determination the team lacked in the latter days of Arsène Wenger's era, and put in a stirring second half showing to bounce back and ​beat their rivals 4-2.

​Spurs staggered and collapsed like a hen-do attendee getting their heel stuck in a grate, with Jan Vertonghen completely losing the plot and getting sent off, and Dele Alli completing ​only six passes in the second half - four of which were from kick-offs. It was a dismal day from Mauricio Pochettino's side, who let their emotions get the better of them during the high octane clash.

Having said that, there's really no reason for Spurs fans to panic; they've taken the scalps of Manchester United and Chelsea already this season, and have a bright new dawn awaiting them at their dazzling new stadium. While Pochettino is yet to win a trophy as Spurs manager, it does appear that, given their talented young squad, they're on the brink of something special.

While Arsenal fans will - quite rightfully - be revelling in their victory, with their side looking stronger than any in Wenger's last few seasons, it's worth remembering that Spurs have been far better ​Premier League performers for some time. Sunday's result could be the catalyst that sparks an era of Arsenal dominance, but it's hard to argue that case on the back of one win.

Therefore, while Arsenal may have won the battle, Spurs are, for now, winning the war. It's a long ol' season, and the corresponding fixture between the two sides could tell us a lot about their future trajectories. If Spurs are in their new stadium in time for the match, we could witness a fixture just as turbulent as Sunday's football feast. Seconds? Get your big plate ready, Alan.

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