TURIN, ITALY - NOVEMBER 07:  José Mourinho head coach of Manchester United FC argues with Paulo Dybala of Juventus after the Group H match of the UEFA Champions League between Juventus and Manchester United at Juventus Stadium on November 7, 2018 in Turin, Italy.  (Photo by Alessandro Sabattini/Getty Images )

6 Things José Mourinho Did in Turin That Prove He's Still a Box Office Boss

What a night that was for Manchester United. Beating Juventus in Turin is a very tough thing to do, but by hook or by crook, this José Mourinho-led outfit pulled three points out of the bag on Tuesday.

How? Yes they got lucky, but they also stayed in the game and showed some real fight. 

All of this, really, is down to the manager, who had one of the best nights of his United career and is showing signs of actually turning things around.

After ups and downs, turbulent times and some boring football over the last couple of years, could this end up being a catalyst for change, and a spark to bring the old José back to life for good?

Here's six things Mourinho did to take us back in time in Turin.

6. He Got His Team Selection Right

You can't help but feel Romelu Lukaku's injury may be a blessing in disguise. 

Whether Mourinho would have opted for Alexis Sanchez as a central striker if the Belgian was fit is anyone's guess, but without him in the last few weeks, United have been infinitely better.

Sanchez dropped deep throughout the game for United, the ball actually stuck to his feet, and he was a part of several neat interchanges which - while ultimately led to nothing while he was on the pitch - provided United with a bit of confidence on the ball in a difficult stadium. 

The drama came about when Sanchez was hooked, but United's forward line looks much more fluid with him in there. He has to stick with it for the derby on Sunday.

5. He Had His Players Playing for Him

When Juve won 1-0 at Old Trafford a couple of weeks ago, United looked clueless. They were coming off the back of a good performance against Chelsea, but had no energy and no determination to impose themselves on the game. The result was a limp 1-0 defeat.

United fell behind in Turin to some world-class play from Leonardo Bonucci and Cristiano Ronaldo, but United had performed so much better up to that point than two weeks ago. 

The players looked as though they cared, looked hungry, and never gave up. 

After it looked like Mourinho had lost these players a couple of months ago, it now looks like he's got them back.

4. He Made Great Substitutions

Sanchez and Ander Herrera were taken off in reaction to United falling behind.

They definitely rode their luck with all the chances Juventus missed in the second half, but the two substitutes swung the game in United's favour. Marouane Fellaini's presence is a handful for any defender to deal with, and it even proved the case against the best, most experienced defensive unit in European football.

Max Allegri reacted to Fellaini's introduction by bringing on a 37-year-old centre back to help contain him. 

Mata first added quality with the equaliser, and then it was said-substitute Andrea Barzagli's foul which led to the winner - and Fellaini had made a decisive impact as the ball was whipped in.

The winner was scrappy, but José deserves credit for changing things.

3. He Did This

Taunted by the Juventus fans for a large part of the first game, José found himself in a similar situation as United fell behind in Italy.

He won a treble with Inter during his spell in Serie A, and obviously, that's not going to put him in Juventus supporters' good books. But when United's fortunes turned...so did Mourinho's demeanour. 

Cupping his ear, cracking the most arrogant face imaginable, rubbing it in the defeated home fans' faces...this was absolutely classic Mourinho.

2. He Cracked a Post Match Joke (#1)

And so, to the press conference. Asked to explain his reaction, Mourinho said: "I was insulted for ninety minutes, I do my work and nothing more. At the end I didn’t insult anyone I just did the gesture that I wanted to hear them more. 

"I wouldn’t do it again. But I came here as a professional that does his work and people insulted my family, this is why I reacted this way. I don’t want to think about it."

He followed it up with a quip about his team's chances of getting out of the group in the next game against Young Boys - they will assure themselves of progress with a win and Juventus taking points from a home game against Valencia - and joked about the issues his side have been having with arriving at Old Trafford on time this year.

Mourinho said: "We have a final now to play at home. We thought we would have two finals but now we have one final. If we win that final against Young Boys, if my maths is right (it wasn't right) – we qualify. I hope we arrive on time.

"We had an amazing escort here, thanks to the Italian police, let’s hope we arrive on time, get the three points and qualify."

1. He Cracked a Post Match Joke (#2)

And now, the cherry on the cake.

Fully aware that the English FA have appealed the decision not to charge him for saying a bad thing direct to the camera, in Portuguese, following the win over Newcastle a number of weeks ago, Mourinho took a superb dig at the FA's motives against him in another post match conversation. 

The FA have been determined to punish Mourinho and have used a translator for clarity on his comments. But here's his conversation on the topic with a journalist, in full, in reaction.

Journalist: "When you went out and celebrated, Juventus players were very upset."

José: "Do you understand Italian?"

Journalist: "No."

José: "Ask the FA, they will translate for you."

Mourinho, realising he's dropped an absolute pearler, sinks down out of shot laughing like the pantomime villain he so definitely is. 

This really was a night of classic José Mourinho, and United fans are united in saying: Please stay, this José.