Arsenal midfielder Mesut Özil and former teammate Mathieu Flamini have released a video on social media to launch their new business, Unity.

The two became good friends during their time together in north London, and Arsenal fans have previously speculated that Özil could eventually follow Flamini into the business world one day.

Flamini co-founded a company called GF Biochemicals alongside Pasquale Granata with the aim of ending the world's dependency on oil. After launching in 2015, the business is now said to be worth £20bn.

The Frenchman is dipping his toes into the business market once again but this time Flamini has Arsenal playmaker Özil as his business partner. The German released a promotional video on his official Instagram page to announce the launch of Unity - an eco-friendly cosmetics company.

The two footballers are not only creating products inside the bottle which aren't harmful to the environment, but the packaging itself is also made with a renewable and recyclable bioplastic. Upon launching their business, Özil told Sky Sports how his former teammate turned business partner is the driving force behind Unity, just like he was with Flamini's other company.

"Mathieu is always talking about business," Özil said. "He is always saying that we have to do something and always asking what else we can do. He is an inspiration to me. So the idea came up that we could create something together. I hope it will be the start of a long story."

The positivity doesn't just go one way. Flamini added that he is proud of Özil for courageously standing up for the things that he believes in.

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"I am very proud of him," Flamini said. "Everybody knows he is a top player but the thing that I am most proud of with him is that he is taking the time to help others by really standing up for his beliefs. That takes a lot of courage. I am very proud to be his friend."