​Just 30 hours after the Wembley surface was shredded by the NFL match between Jacksonville Jaguars and Philadelphia Eagles, the 'home of football' hosts ​Tottenham's Monday night Premier League clash against ​Manchester City.

Showing visible signs of wear and tear, the once lush green carpet now resembles something more of a poorly kept allotment, along with various NFL lines and numbers still visible among the limited remaining blades of grass. 

Fans of rival clubs have been quick to mock Spurs - whose new stadium is yet to be opened due to ongoing safety concerns with some suggesting they should have opted for the smaller, but more playable surface of Stadium MK.

Here's the best that Twitter had to offer on the topic of Tottenham's latest stadium woe...



Some saw the NFL markings as an opportunity for commentators to more accurately predict where the ball is in play;

Others were quick to point out how the Wembley pitch is nothing compared to previous games...

Some however, are simply fed up of all the talk of the state of the pitch...