Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas has discussed some of his favourite memories of his phenomenal football career, and has hinted that he could be open to returning to Arsenal at some point.

The 31-year-old, who has also represented Arsenal and Barcelona, has enjoyed huge success during his career, winning trophies including the Premier League and the World Cup. He is regarded as one of the finest creative midfielders in Premier League history, but finds himself out of contract with Chelsea at the end of the season.

Chelsea FC v Perth Glory

In an interview with ​Marca, the Spaniard discussed several of his favourite memories, such as his favourite stadiums. He said: "I would choose the Camp Nou, the Bernabeu and Old Trafford. And Highbury, those stadiums I loved and will always miss."

​Fabregas added that forming bonds with his teammates is his favourite thing about football. He said: "The best thing about football are the teammates. I have had a lot and very good ones but I would pick two: Gerard (​Pique) and Leo (​Messi). 

"With one I played since I was ten and the other since I was about 12 or 13. We managed to get to a high level and remain friends... it is a special relationship."

On his most difficult opponent, the Spaniard said: "Aged 18 I had to face Patrick Vieira in an ​Arsenal vs ​Juventus game. Wenger had sold him to give more of a chance for me and the truth is that it was tough but I had a great game with a goal and an assist for Henry. We won 2-0 at Highbury."

He ended by discussing his future, admitting: "I feel fine still. In seven months my contract ends with ​Chelsea. It will be 16 seasons playing at the highest level, over 750 games, a lot of training, travelling...I feel young and strong but maybe I can't do 60 games a season. 

Arsenal's Spanish midfielder Cesc Fabreg

"With my style I think I can keep playing for longer and obviously I want to keep playing for many years."

Finally, Fabregas admitted that he would be open to returning to Arsenal, saying: "Of course, Arsenal will always be in my heart and I will never forget them so why not return. You never know."