​Gary Cahill's recent quotes about potentially leaving Chelsea have strongly divided the club's fan base. When it comes to the defender, there are three groups of Chelsea fans. 

The first group believe Cahill is a club legend who deserves the utmost respect, whilst another group believe he is nowhere near good enough to represent the club and should simply be sent packing in January. The third group occupy the middle ground - believing Cahill has been a solid Chelsea player, but nothing special.


There is a banner at Stamford Bridge which praises the fact that ​Cahill has won every possible trophy during his time at ​Chelsea. It took Cahill just three years to win each and every available competition at the club, which makes him the fastest player to ever achieve such a feat.

However, things are not as rosy for Cahill this season. He seems out of favour under Maurizio Sarri, after frustrating fans with disappointing performances under Antonio Conte last season. The 32-year-old ​admitted that, should things stay the same, he will likely request a transfer from the club, and Chelsea should give Cahill the respect he deserves and grant him his request.

After arriving at Chelsea in 2012, Cahill slotted seamlessly into Chelsea's defence and formed a formidable partnership with John Terry. He was even the short-term heir to Terry's throne at Stamford Bridge, assuming the role of club captain once Terry had left the team.


He has always been phenomenally dedicated to the club and worked incredibly hard to play his part in all of Chelsea's success, which of course can also be said for Terry. However, at 32, it now seems as though Cahill's time at Chelsea might be up, and he should be allowed to move on if he desires.

Chelsea were in a similar situation with legendary goalkeeper ​Petr Cech in 2015. After years of unwavering dedication to the club, Cech found himself out of the squad in favour of Thibaut Courtois. He respected the club's decision, but asked for a transfer as he still felt he was capable of playing regularly for a ​Premier League team. 

The club was happy to grant his wish, allowing Cech to join arch-rivals ​Arsenal in a move which was widely viewed as a real bargain for an Arsenal side who had been lacking a true quality goalkeeper. It was tough for the fans to take, but Cech will always receive a huge amount of respect from everybody involved with Chelsea, and Cahill should be no different.

Atletico Madrid v Chelsea FC - UEFA Champions League

His status as a club legend is certainly debatable, especially once his Chelsea career is compared to that of true icon John Terry. However, what is not debatable is his dedication and respect for the club and their fans.

He played a key part in arguably the greatest period in Chelsea's history, and deserves to be recognised as a fantastic servant to the club. If he wants to leave, Chelsea should not hesitate to allow him.