​After helping Chelsea to a 4-1 win against Cardiff over the weekend, N'Golo Kante spent his Saturday evening at a fan's house eating curry and watching Match of the Day.

The World Cup winner had initially missed the Eurostar train from London St Pancras following the win, and decided to visit a mosque in Kings Cross, where he met Arsenal fan Badlur Rahman Jalil who invited Kante round to his house.

Quoted by ​BBC Sport, Badlur said: "I went to the mosque on Saturday evening to pray and we just prayed together. It's Islamic teaching to invite guests to your house for dinner, so I asked him.

"He came with me and my brother because he was on his own and said he was only going to go home anyway. He was on a protein diet so we had a chicken curry. He even had a cup of tea. 

He beat us all at FIFA and then we watched Match of the Day. It was a really nice evening."

Twitter user ​@jahrul999 was taken aback by the good nature shown by Kante who after being invited to his friend's house was more than happy to spend his evening there.

"I'm a Liverpool fan and most of us are Arsenal fans, but Kante is more than just a footballer. As a Muslim, he is a great role model to us and an example of a good human being," he said.

"He grounds you. He is such a humble person. He doesn't think he is on another level to you.

Chelsea FC v Cardiff City - Premier League

"Footballers must get annoyed with people asking for photos all of the time, but he was more than happy to take individual photos with us all. You could tell it was a genuine smile," he added.

​Chelsea spokesman confirmed the story and added with a smile: "That's typical N'Golo".

​The Blues have made an impressive start to the season under new manager Maurizio Sarri, being one of only two sides to win their opening five ​Premier League games.