​Huddersfield manager David Wagner says he would never leave during the season and is fully prepared to respect his contract, as he looks to establish the club as a top flight team.

His comments come after Chairman Dean Hoyle boldly stated that Wagner would remain at the club - even if the Terriers were to be relegated this season. 

Everton FC v Huddersfield Town - Premier League

“I will never leave this club during a season and will respect my contract. This is based on both sides," Wagner said, via the ​Belfast Telegraph.

“That he said this is more important for everyone else rather than for me, because this will not change how desperate I am and how big my desire is to help this club as good as I can for it to make further steps.

“Even if I know each further step is harder, the steps maybe look smaller than we have done before, but I know there are some further steps to go.

“I’ll be very happy if we can do it and I’ll be very happy if I can be part of it.”

Wagner's words come as ​Huddersfield look to pick up their first win of the Premier League season at home to ​Crystal Palace tomorrow, and steer them away from the danger zone to ease some of the early pressure they have found themselves under.

Wagner added: “The first win is important, there is no doubt about it. We will try everything and invest everything we have to get this first win.

“It’s important for every time to have a win as soon as possible. We have tried four times so far and we haven’t got it and now we have another opportunity at home, in front of our own crowd, to make it happen."