Manchester City hero David Silva has reiterated his desire to leave the club at the end of his current contract and play for Las Palmas on the island of Gran Canaria, now with the added motivation of having young son Mateo grow up where Silva is from.

Silva spoke of his desire to play for Las Palmas as far back as 2015, while stating in July of this year that his current City contract, due to expire in 2020, will likely be his last in Manchester.


The 32-year-old spent much of the second half of last season travelling back and forth between England and Spain as fought for his life Mateo after being born 15 weeks prematurely.

"It was so difficult with him being in hospital for so long. You don't stop thinking about it all the time," Silva told BBC's Premier League Show.

"Besides, he was in Spain, meaning I had to travel a lot and I could hardly train. I didn't sleep much, I wasn't eating well. But, luckily, the team was doing really well and that helped me a lot.

"I've said it before that the only times I could get it out of my mind was playing in matches. Then I would start thinking about everything once the match was over. But yes, it was a really good get-out. Football is what we like and enjoy most.

"Now he's doing fine and really everything was worth it. He suffered a lot but now he's growing up really fast."

Silva has already retired from international football to spend more time with his family and a move back home as his career winds down - he will be 34 years of age in 2020 - seems like the perfect place his family to set up home in less than two years' time.

"For City, two more seasons - what's left on my contract. After that, I don't know. It depends how I feel physically and mentally," the player said.

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"I've always said that I'd like to play for Las Palmas - my local team. But we'll see how things go in two years and take it all from there.

"I'd like [Mateo] to grow up where I'm from. That's where I was brought up and I really hope he can have the same opportunities as I've had. I hope he likes sports and if he gets into football we'll help him."