Former ​Barcelona, ​Inter, ​Real Madrid and Brazil superstar Ronaldo is officially the new owner of La Liga side Real Valladolid after buying a 51% controlling stake in the club in a deal previously reportedly to be worth an estimated €30m.

Ronaldo has been in the process of buying the newly promoted club since the end of last season and appeared to reach a conclusive agreement last month.

Now, at a joint press conference at Valladolid town hall, chairman Carlos Suarez has introduced Ronaldo after the 2002 World Cup winner personally bought a 51% stake.

"The arrival of Ronaldo puts Real Valladolid on the map and allows the club to take a leap of quality. I welcome you to your home," Suarez said as he addressed the media and welcomed the Brazilian.

"I have gone through many stages in my training in football to prepare myself. Football is a passion," Ronaldo himself said.

"This new management will be defined by four words: competitiveness, transparency, revolution and social," he added.

"We will count on our friend Carlos Suarez and keep the current staff. We want to form the best possible team to compete. There will be a clear social content in all our actions."

Valladolid returned to Spain's top flight this season after winning the Segunda Division playoffs in May. The club has spent much of the 21st century yo-yo-ing between the first and second tier, with their last top half ​La Liga finish coming back in 1999/00 when they placed eighth.

Getafe v Real Valladolid - La Liga Santander

Ronaldo has previously invested in the now defunct American team Fort Lauderdale Strikers.