​​Barcelona chiefs are believed to be unhappy with centre-back Gerard Pique over the video posted explaining Antoine Griezmann's choice to remain at ​Atletico Madrid this summer - rather than to join La Blaugrana.

Thursday night saw the French attacker post a video on Twitter, named 'La Decision' - revealing to the world that he will be staying at the Wanda Metropolitano this summer. He's been heavily criticised in the aftermath of his dramatic reveal - and some of the flak has now been passed onto Pique.

​​The centre-back, who is currently away with Spain for the World Cup, owns the company that produced Griezmann's video - Kosmos Studios. And now, according to ​TV3, Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu (along with various other club officials) is fuming at Pique over his involvement.

Barca fans are also angry at the 31-year-old, who took to Twitter to promote his company's video, including the use of popcorn and applause emojis. Samuel Umtiti also helped give the video some attention, aiding his international teammate in sharing the 45 second clip.

Late on Thursday night, after Griezmann's decision had been spread, Pique took to Twitter once again to defend his choice to promote it.

He tweeted: "Remember one thing. There'll be people who criticise it, because everything that's new generates repudiation. But the most important reflection that 'La Decisión' offers is that sometimes not everything they sell you is true."

Despite the backlash Pique is receiving, he's currently busy preparing for his Spain side to take on Portugal. Many wait in anticipation to see how the squad will cope following the sacking of Julen Lopetegui, and Portugal pose quite a challenge.