In anticipation of the World Cup kicking off on Thursday - yes, Thursday! This Thursday! How did you not know this yet?! - Domino's have added a new name to their lineup. It's the, ahem, 'Meatfielder' pizza. 

Available in over 1,000 stores, the Meatfielder is liberally covered in pepperoni, ham, chorizo, pork meatballs, smoked bacon and Domino’s secret sauce - and joins the likes of ​Pepereina Passion, Higwaiian and American Hotamendi in Domino's new 'Pizza-nini' sticker book for the World Cup. 


Sadly, there was no place for Antoine Cheeseman, Olive-y Giroud, Quaresmaformaggio in what we, personally, at 90min, would have called the Deep Pan-ama team. 

The special edition stickers are officially available on ​ website from 2pm on Wednesday 13 June, with books available to claim on a first come first served basis - with a second batch released at 2pm the on Thursday for super sticker fans to be in with a chance of filling their albums.

Why the World Cup focus? Well, football fans love pizza, on account of being human beings with mouths and taste buds. In fact, Domino's are expecting 346 pizzas to be ordered every minute of every day in the tournament. That's about six pizzas a second, and over 60 million slices of pizza are expected to be eaten through the course of the tournament. 


Want to imagine that? That's about 122 football pitches of pizzas. That's...that's like...lots of pizza. That's a whole load of pizza.