​​Arsenal waved off Arsene Wenger in style after a 5-0 victory over Burnley in what is to be the veteran manger's last home match in charge of the Gunners.

The result came second, however, to a fitting tribute put on by the club following the result. Wenger's 22 years at Arsenal were encapsulated by a touching speech in which he thanked everyone involved with the club for making his time in North London so special.

There was time for an extra surprise for a lucky young fan who caught Wenger's attention during his lap of honour around the Emirates Stadium.

While  acknowledging the Arsenal faithful, he noticed a small sign which obviously stood out. So much so, Wenger decided to clamber over the advertising boardings in order to fulfil the request scribbled on to the sign.

What did that sign ask? Simple.

"Arsene, can I please have your tie."

The Frenchman seemed only too happy to oblige and this seemingly small gesture summed up a career which has been built upon creating memories for fans that will last a lifetime. 

Whatever happens at Arsenal over the summer, it is going to be monumentally difficult to replace a man who means so much to the club.