​​Arsenal midfielder Santi Cazorla has been pictured in a full training session for the first time in 18 months.

The Spaniard last played for the Gunners in October of 2016, and there were fears that his career could be over after his Achilles injury took 10 operations and a skin graft to sort out. The surgeries cost the player eight centimetres of the tendon in his right foot, and doctors have said that he is lucky to even be able to walk.

Late last month, though, Cazorla returned to the training pitch for running exercises on his own. But he is now back in regular training with the rest of the squad, taking to the pitch on Saturday for a session after being out for a lengthy period.

Check out the photos below: 

The midfielder is also keen on playing again before the end of the season.

“The objective is to play some part with the team before the season ends, but we have to take things carefully," he said last week.

“After being out for so long it will take a while to get back into form, it's a real struggle, but when you have been out like I have, you also notice pains elsewhere - apart from what I've had with my tendon."