Liverpool sensation Mohamed Salah was far from pleased when he saw the stats of his latest special card on FIFA 18, following its release last week.

The 'Egyptian king' got an incredible 98 rated card (just one rating lower than the max rating available on FIFA) after he was crowned the PFA Player of the Year, with Manchester City's Leroy Sané picking up a 93 rated card after being voted the Young Player of the Year.

West Bromwich Albion v Liverpool - Premier League

But Salah jokingly berated the fact his Player of the Year (POTY) card only had a plus two boost to his physical stat, claiming that his hard work in the gym over the last few months makes him deserving of a bigger upgrade.

Fans of the popular video game have also been finding faults with EA's latest Salah card. His pace stat boasts an impressive 99 on the face of the card, but the maths doesn't quite add up when looking at his in-game stats for acceleration and sprint speed.

Salah's mesmerising, albeit pricey, card is not all that FIFA 18 fans have to be excited about as Friday evening saw the release of the highly anticipated Team of the Season (TOTS).

Liverpool teammate Andy Robertson received the community vote and was included in FIFA's most consistent team of the season, featuring alongside the likes of Jan Oblak, Giorgio Chiellini and Jamie Vardy.

James Milner has also seen a new card added to the game after he broke the Champions League record for the number of assists in a single campaign. The versatile midfielder was given a special Record Breaker card hours after the release of TOTS, while special Man of the Match versions of Alexis Sánchez and Eden Hazard were also released on Friday.