Manchester United midfielder Nemanja Matic claimed being a dad prohibits him from ever consider sporting a similar haircut to the extravagant styles of Paul Pogba.

The French midfielder is famous for his long string of catching haircuts and seems to have a new trim almost every week. Matic, by contrast, is the Red Devils' Mr Sensible and has sported a much simpler short back and sides for most of his career.

When asked if he would be following in his teammates footsteps when it comes to haircuts, Matic told the ​Guardian: ''No, I have kids - if I do that my son is going to do the same; I have to have serious hair like Gary Neville​.


''No, I'm just simple.''

Matic has been an integral part of United's midfield this season and has reinforced the questions that were asked about why on earth Chelsea let the Serbian leave the club to a direct rival in the summer. 

The midfielder was again crucial yesterday in the club's ​2-1 victory over Tottenham in the FA Cup semi-final which put United into their second FA Cup final in the last three years. 


Ander Herrera scored the goal that won United the game and the victory gives Matic more good memories against Tottenham in semi-finals of the famous competition. 

Matic scored what was one of the greatest goals of his career in the semi last year whilst he was still at Chelsea, thumping the ball into the top corner to put the game beyond Tottenham.

In his recent interview, Matic commented on the goal, saying: ''It was amazing I scored that goal.

"I was really happy and I’ll never forget. It’s difficult to say if this was my best but one of maybe the three best and most important goals in my life.''