It has been an arduous journey for Sunderland supporters over the last year or so. Watching on as your beloved side, who had enjoyed a decade in the ​Premier League prior, claiming the scalps of top flight giants and securing a first Wembley final in a generation along the way, head to the depths of the third tier of English football for only the second time in their 139-year existence. 

Two wins in 20 months at the Stadium of Light has seen a once fortress-like base on the River Wear be reduced to nothing more than a points-harvesting utopia for any who visit the old mining site, and those who continue to brave the punishment week in week out deserve nothing less than the highest of praise. 

It is easy to understand why the faithful Mackems who continue to subject themselves to such misery would be happy to see the last 12 months struck from the record; however, thanks to Netflix, they will not get the opportunity. 

As reported by ​The Sun, TV crews have been granted access for a behind-the-scenes docu-series throughout this campaign, with the headline act being ​Sunderland's woeful demise. 

The streaming service is set to air the programme during the summer, meaning not even the scheduled break can provide solace to the 20-30,000 or so supporters who continue to pay their gate on a Saturday afternoon. 

Of course, for everyone not connected with the once proud north east football club it will be a spectacle to behold; a real sense of car-crash television, but for the hardened fans of the Stadium of Light, revisiting the catastrophe which has been this term will not be joyous.