​If you have been following WWE's build-up to Sunday's WrestleMania, you will have witnessed John Cena hitting the absent Undertaker with some harsh insults over the past month or so. 

However, Cardiff City centre back Sean Morrison decided to cut a short promo himself and take aim at Derby County; specifically defensive pairing Richard Keogh and Jason Shackell, who is currently on loan at ​Millwall.

The ​video, which surfaced online after reportedly being leaked from the Bluebirds' private WhatsApp group, portrays the 27-year-old blasting the Rams duo; questioning Keogh's ability as a footballer as well as, rather bizarrely, the size of Shackell's manhood. 

"Alright Richard, Richie. Just want to say mate, you are a mug", Morrison said, seemingly taking aim at Keogh.

"Give me the ball, give me the ball, I really want the ball - then you just run as fast as you can 10 yards then just cut inside to the other centre-half because you are s*** at football.

"Pearcey is up your a***. Alex Pearce is so far up your a*** it is an embarrassment. Shackell as well, he doesn't show his d***. Little insecure c***. Little tiny d***, little tiny willy.

"And you are all scared of playing us. See you in a couple of weeks you b****."

Tensions were heightened between the two sides after ​Cardiff boss Neil Warnock branded the postponement of their clash due to heavy snowfall last month a "disgrace", hinting that ​Derby's struggles with injuries could also have been an underlying factor. 

And when confronted with questions surrounding Morrison's video, although the 69-year-old insisted to the BBC he was disappointed and that the player had apologised, he passed it off as "banter". 

"I've told him I'm disappointed with him and he's apologised", he said. "Whilst I don't condone the language, which leaves a lot to be desired, our lads have got videos of them as well.

"It was between themselves, a lot of banter. When you first hear about that you think 'oh no' but I've seen the videos our lads have got, which we're not prepared to release. You realise it's a lot of banter and a lot of hot air.

"I've seen the one they sent us - there'll be more headlines on that if we let that go out! I told Morrison I don't want any of the videos with the Derby lads involved or anything going out there, we don't want tit for tat.

"I don't understand it but it was in good banter and it was two weeks ago, it's only just come out for whatever reason, one of their lads must have let it out to somebody. I don't want us to get our own back… let's move on."