​Former Tottenham striker Steffen Iversen - who now plies his trade at the age of 41 in homeland Norway - seems to have grown up to look a spitting image of TV chef Gordon Ramsay, and could definitely get away with being mistaken for the foul mouthed cook.

Apart from an odd cameo with Crystal Palace in the 2011/12 season, Iversen has somewhat faded into obscurity since the nineties and early 2000's with both Spurs and Wolves. During his time at White Hart Lane, Iversen netted 36 goals in 144 appearances for Tottenham, winning the league cup in 1999.

But since then, the now 41-year-old has been moving around the reaches of Norway and the Tippeligaen, and is somehow still playing professionally. And a recent photo has shown us that the last few years haven't been all too kind to him - the forward now looking like Gordon Ramsay's doppelganger.

Despite being 10 years the junior to the world famous chef, Iversen is scarily familiar to Gordon. Now, that could well show that Ramsay himself is emitting youth at 51, and looks ten years younger than he should. 

However, seeing as the walking swear jar looks like the human embodiment of a wrinkly ballsack that's somehow been trapped in a George Foreman grill for slightly too long - it's definitely an insult to Iversen. Just look at him...

​​To be fair to both of them, their hair looks brilliantly in tact for their respective ages - but that is definitely what you'd call scraping the bottom of the barrel in desperate search of pleasing aesthetic features on either head.

Anyway, they look weirdly alike and should probably take a DNA test or something just to make sure they're not some weird Scottish/Norwegian hybrid brothers or something.