​Steven Gerrard has opened up about how he views football in a 'different' light now that he is on the other side of the game as a burgeoning manager.

The Liverpool legend sat down for a lengthy interview with male-oriented website ​Joe, and spoke about his transition from captain on the field to tutor and leader off the pitch.

Gerrard took up a role in Liverpool's youth academy 13 months ago and was named as the club's new Under-18s gaffer in the summer - a position he has grasped with both hands over the course of the last seven months.

And, speaking to Melissa Reddy about how his perspective on football has changed, he offered an interesting insight into how being a coach differs from being a player.

He explained: “I have a completely different perspective of the game. When I watch now, it's not about what's happening on the surface. I focus on shape, identifying what strategies are in place all over the pitch and how each side are trying to ensure it’s their plan that dictates the match. 

"I want to understand the reasons for everything that’s happening - substitutions, positioning, pressing triggers - and I can now appreciate the level of thinking that goes into it all.”

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Gerrard feels much more comfortable as a teacher and mentor for the club's young stars now that he has got his feet under the table, and explained that he felt more at ease with dictating how matches are to be played out under his tactical plans after initially being worried about the prospect of being in charge of his talented starlets' careers.

He added: “I’m enjoying the change so much. There are so many new experiences, lessons and tests. I’m picking up on stuff continuously, I’m making mistakes, I’m doing things well, I’m working on the things I can do better. It’s been eye-opening and very rewarding. 

"I feel quite blessed to have the environment of support and encouragement that I do at the Academy as I keep growing in the role and using any opportunity I can to progress my knowledge.”