Argentinian outfit Independiente have filed a report following the discovery of the club's facilities being used as a brothel by some of their youth players, according to ​Diario AS.

On Wednesday, club president Hugo Moyano and attorney Daniel Llermanos confirmed that they had "filed a report for the abuse of facilities by a person, to the harm of players from lower divisions of the institution."

AS are claiming that everything so far, has pointed to the club's juvenile players using their team's facilities to run a prostitution ring, while TYC Sports' Cesar Luis Merlo reports that a player, already booted out by Independiente, took other boys to have intercourse at an area in Avellaneda, Buenos Aires, where the club is located.

"Justice investigates a footballer of inferiors of # Independiente (they already dissociated him from the club) for managing a prostitution network," he posted on Twitter. "He took other guys to have sex with an apartment in Palermo. The UFI 4 of Avellaneda acts."

The club's lawyer has said that the investigation is still in its early stages, with Independiente now looking to speak to more people in order to be able to present more data.

"The idea is to open the door to the prosecutor for everything they need," he said. 

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Llermanos also revealed that he has since learned that such goings on are more prevalent in football than people might think, adding that: "this could be sexual exploitation in the form of possible trafficking"

Suspicions are said to have been raised after a psychologist from the club interviewed a youth player and went to the board with a complaint.