​Family members of imprisoned Catalan independence leaders have created an emotional video thanking ​Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola for his continued support.

Catalan-born Guardiola repeatedly wore a yellow ribbon in support of Catalan independence and politicians who he believes were wrongfully imprisoned in the aftermath of the failed independence bid.

The former Barcelona coach was fined £20,000 by the FA in Ma​rch, however, and warned about his future conduct after he admitted to breaching the Football Association's rules regarding wearing a political message. 

Guardiola explained his decision to wear the ribbon to the Independent earlier this month, saying: "I hope that the politicians in prison can leave as soon as possible for their families.

"If it can happen to them then it can happen to us. For giving an opinion. People shouldn't be confused and think it couldn't happen to them, because it can. We cannot ignore that these eleven politicians or activists, who haven't hurt anyone, are in prison for asking to vote.

"Many things have happened but it's all because we wanted to vote, because we wanted a legal referendum. The solution is that the state and Catalonia should agree and we can have an agreed referendum. It's as simple as that."

Having grown up in Satpedor, ​Barcelona, Guardiola has always been passionate about his Catalan heritage and even voted in the October referendum by post. 

In December, it was revealed that the Citizens' boss was under investigation by Spanish Police over his involvement with the Catalan referendum - which was condemned as being unpatriotic and illegal by politicians in Madrid.