6 Premier League Clubs Julian Nagelsmann Could Manage Next Season - Ranked

Max Cooper
Nagelsmann is the hottest coaching prospect in European football
Nagelsmann is the hottest coaching prospect in European football / DeFodi Images/Getty Images

One of the greatest trends to have come out of modern football, is the anticipation and excitement that swirls around possible managerial appointments.

For many supporters, the transfer window was always the most thrilling 'non-football' aspect of the game, with rumours constantly in overdrive regarding the future of the sport's biggest stars. Recently however, there has been a monumental shift in the hype surrounding a new coach, while interest in the never-ending transfer market has gone somewhat stale.

Suspect fashion sense for such a sharp mind
Suspect fashion sense for such a sharp mind / DAVID RAMOS/Getty Images

Nowadays, it's all about the bosses. Andrea Pirlo. Zinedine Zidane. Antonio Conte. Blockbuster appointments and blockbuster men.

There's a new kid on the block now, too. Julian Nagelsmann.

That's right, the man who donned the most rascal suit in Champions League history as RB Leipzig coach has cemented his place among Europe's top tactical minds - and his stock is rising by the day.

And the rumour mill has reached new frenzied heights, after The Telegraph suggested that the 33-year-old is set to leave the Bundesliga club at the end of the season, and is keen to test himself in the Premier League.

The German coach will have plenty of suitors in the United Kingdom, that's for sure. Who should he choose, though? 90min takes a look at Nagelsmann's possible Premier League destinations in 2021/22.

6. Leeds United

"998... 999... 1000! Now stand up and stretch it off! Good job!"
"998... 999... 1000! Now stand up and stretch it off! Good job!" / Robbie Jay Barratt - AMA/Getty Images

At the bottom of the 'recent success' table, we have the exciting prospect of Nagelsmann and Leeds United. Now, before we dismiss this as bonkers, let's all just remember that the Whites boasted the pulling power to secure the services of coaching legend Marcelo Bielsa - IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP.

So, provided that they retain their top-flight status at the end of the campaign, their Argentinian God may decide his work is done, and walk off into the Yorkshire sunset. It'd be heartbreaking for the Leeds faithful, but do you know what would soften the blow? Recruiting the best young manager in Europe. That's what.

Another leader with clear principles, a distinct style of play and the record of building a team capable of playing at a level above the sum of its parts, this could be the ideal fit to take the Premier League new boys back to where they belong.

Right Place, Right Time Rating: 3/10

5. Liverpool

Klopp is still loving life at Anfield
Klopp is still loving life at Anfield / Michael Regan/Getty Images

Is it beyond the realms of our imagination that Jurgen Klopp could decide his work is done at Anfield come the end of the season? Whether he retains the Premier League title, or falls just short of the mark, he has already built his Liverpool legacy, and can walk away with his head held high, no matter what.

The German may also make way, knowing that his ready-made replacement is lying in wait to take the reins and continue the Reds' march to European and world domination. Nagelsmann is a disciple of Klopp's methods and managerial style, and there may not be a better candidate to come in and pick up from where the last coach left off.

It would certainly be a bolt from the blue, and would leave the red half of Merseyside absolutely rocking. But time merely marches forward, and Liverpool are all too painfully aware that they cannot get left behind - again.

Right Place, Right Time Rating: 4/10

4. Tottenham Hotspur

Mou got schooled by Nagelsmann last season
Mou got schooled by Nagelsmann last season / Clive Rose/Getty Images

Jose Mourinho has started the season in very decent fashion with Tottenham Hotspur, but this guy is always one wrong move away from setting fire to everything he has built. It is possible then, that should he not get the support or the backing he desires, the Portuguese coach may decide North London is not for him next summer, and leave Spurs behind.

Who better to replace Mourinho than the man who schooled him in last season's Champions League? Nagelsmann will surely be impressed by the project that is being built at White Hart Lane, and anyone would jump at the chance of bringing silverware to a club so starved of success in its recent history.

Much like Mourinho, Nagelsmann demands results. But his style of football is far easier on the eye, and his arrival would feel more like the completion of the work Mauricio Pochettino started.

Right Place, Right Time Rating: 5/10

3. Manchester United

Contemplating every life decision which led him to this point
Contemplating every life decision which led him to this point / Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Remember when you were given a substitute teacher for a few weeks at school, and you had the best time messing about and having a laugh? Well, eventually, you kind of missed the proper teacher who knew what they were doing, and once the jokes stop landing, it all felt a bit weird that this temp was still turning up every day and getting the maths equations wrong on the chalk board.

It's time Manchester United employed a man with a vision, a plan for the future and the hunger to implement his ideals with ruthless efficiency. Minus a miracle, the Red Devils will end up without the Premier League trophy for another year, and frankly, for the money spent over the seasons, that just ain't good enough.

Many Man Utd supporters will argue that sacking Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and hitting the reset button again will only hinder the club's development, but in reality, they are simply treading water. However, starting afresh and building something meaningful from the ground up with a coach who has the CV and tactical acumen of a champion makes sense. The Premier League giants need an identity, and not the one Solskjaer is pickling in his 1990's jar of memories.

Right Place, Right Time Rating: 7/10

2. Chelsea

"Taxi please!"
"Taxi please!" / Pool/Getty Images

Let's all lay our cards on the table, shall we? Frank Lampard is not doing a great job as Chelsea manager. He got a free pass for taking a team which finished third under Maurizio Sarri to finishing fourth in a significantly weaker competition, and although he 'didn't spend any money', there are plenty of mitigating circumstances surrounding that narrative.

Anyway, since splashing the cash, the Blues have not kicked on. If anything, they've gone backwards. So, let's just picture a world where Chelsea finish outside the top four this year, or make no visible progress on the pitch, having spent hundreds of millions on exciting, young, German forwards.

Hmm... I wonder who would enjoy getting a tune out of those guys? Possibly the man who provided the platform for Timo Werner to achieve the highest-scoring season of his career while at RB Leipzig. Werner and Havertz may have come to Stamford Bridge for Lampard, but they may end up staying for Nagelsmann.

Right Place, Right Time Rating: 8/10

1. Manchester City

A ball of stress
A ball of stress / Pool/Getty Images

Pep Guardiola is fortunate to be bald, because if he weren't, he'd be tearing out clumps of hair on the touchline every weekend. Now into his fifth year as Manchester City coach, it feels as if we are witnessing the end days of this wonderful partnership, which delivered some of the best quantitative results and qualitative, eye-pleasing football that the Premier League has ever witnessed.

Faith is waning that Guardiola can reach the heights of 2017-19, and if he fails to deliver the Champions League this time round, he may be ready to give up and take a much-needed sabbatical in the sun.

The Man City hierarchy will be aware of how important their next appointment could be to the club's future triumphs, so they'll be willing to go all-out to land the right man. Nagelsmann could well be top of their wish list, and with his unique, idealistic brand of football, he may be the perfect successor to the great Guardiola.

Right Place, Right Time Rating: 9/10