6 Mad & Forgotten Moments From Brazil's Humiliating 7-1 Defeat to Germany

David Luiz breaks down in tears at the end of the semi-final humiliation
David Luiz breaks down in tears at the end of the semi-final humiliation | Jean Catuffe/Getty Images

We've all experienced that one moment in our lives, where something horrific is unfolding before our eyes, and there's nothing we can do but gawp and watch on, completely powerless over the terror that is befalling us.

Sometimes, it's an antique vase falling off a table you've accidentally knocked while celebrating a last-minute goal (sorry mum), or it can even be totally unrelated to football. But in Brazil's case, there is only one period in time that they look back on as their darkest day.

The semi-final of the 2014 World Cup. Brazil, the hosts, looked destined to lift their first major trophy since the 2002 success, and the whole world was watching with intrigue as they lined up against Joachim Löw's impressive Germany.

The semi-final has become one of the most iconic results in modern football history
The semi-final has become one of the most iconic results in modern football history | Jean Catuffe/Getty Images

What happened next lives long in the memory of every football fan. A 7-1 shellacking. But among the shower of goals, the tears in the stands, and the images of David Luiz sobbing like a baby, you may have missed some other unforgettable moments.

So, 90min has decided to take a trip down memory lane, and highlight six of the lesser-remembered crazy moments from this baffling evening in Rio de Janeiro.

Neymar Memorial

Wait, before a World Cup semi-final, Brazil players actually held up a Neymar jersey in tribute to their injured talisman? Yep, as if to foreshadow the Greek tragedy that was about to unfold, the Seleção paid a moving homage to their fallen star (injured, not dead). Although, judging by their somber faces, you'd have thought the number ten had departed this world.

This match was an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish. The players demonstrated their pain at losing Neymar in the previous round, and they allowed that raw emotion to seep into their performance, leaving them stricken on the pitch against the ruthless Germans.

It was a gesture of kindness and remembrance, but it set the scene for one of the biggest bloodbaths in football history.

Brazil Actually Started Well

Brazil actually started the game well before succumbing to Germany
Brazil actually started the game well before succumbing to Germany | FABRICE COFFRINI/Getty Images

This semi-final will forever be remembered for the frozen yellow statues on the pitch, the distraught, crying Brazilian supporters, and the deathly silence in the stadium. But less than two hours prior, the Maracana was a cauldron of noise, colour, hopes and expectation.

And the hosts started the match accordingly. Thriving off the intimidating and passionate atmosphere, Brazil flew out of the blocks, beating the Germans to every ball, and probing their concerned backline. Marcelo was at his dynamic best, while even Luiz won a couple of early challenges.

There was an urgency and pace to their game that had been present throughout the tournament, and Germany were on the ropes in the very early exchanges. The World Cup favourites looked nailed on to fulfil their destiny. What could go wrong?

Fred, Bernard & Jo

Everton's Bernard started the game back in 2014
Everton's Bernard started the game back in 2014 | Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

No, this is not the premise of a 70's sit-com about three middle-aged men whose wives leave them and they are forced to live together, encountering a whole series of whacky adventures along the way. These guys actually played for Brazil over the course of this wonderful World Cup.

From the outset, Fred didn't really stand a chance. The striker was unquestionably the best of a bad bunch of Brazil number nines, and lining up alongside the likes of Neymar and Oscar, he took on the form of a lucky competition winner, rather than a clinical finisher.

The poor guy actually retired from international football following the criticism he received at the World Cup. But he was not the only one to feel the wrath of the Brazil supporters. As far as downgrades in quality go, Neymar to Bernard is up there as one of the biggest chasms in talent.

The Everton winger started against Germany, and he probably wishes he hadn't. One man who was fortunate not to be included in this horror show was Jo, who was deemed incapable of changing a game that included Fred. That tells you all you need to know.

Pity Party

Germany were 5-0 up at half-time
Germany were 5-0 up at half-time | PATRIK STOLLARZ/Getty Images

What's worse than losing a big game, and having your opponents rub their success in your face? Well, losing a big game and having your opponents take great pity on you, to the point that they tone down goal celebrations and actively stop trying to score against you, is probably up there.

But that's exactly what Germany did, and having entered the dressing room with a five-goal advantage at the half-time whistle, they agreed to play out a professional and low-key second half. Andre Schurrle was clearly in the bathroom when this pact was agreed however, as he went out and smashed two more strikes past the shellshocked Brazilians.

After the game, defender Mats Hummels said, 'We just made it clear that we had to stay focused and not try to humiliate them.' Not try to humiliate them. The most humiliating sentence ever uttered.

Neuer Magic

Having agreed to let Brazil touch the ball in the second half, the hosts actually began to play some decent stuff. It's amazing what can happen when your opponents don't try, huh?

In fact, Germany took their foot off the gas so much, that Brazil ended the game with more shots than their opponents, with 18 efforts, and eight on target. If the Seleção had any hopes of making the scoreline a tad more respectable, then they'd have to get past Manuel Neuer first. And that proved very tricky indeed.

It's easy to forget, given the result and the circumstances, but Neuer was absolutely superb in this match. The Bayern star pulled off several world class saves, including a stunning double-stop to deny Paulinho, and his heroics continued to go under the radar as Germany added numbers six and seven later in the match.

One of the greatest goalkeepers at the peak of his powers.

German Perfection

Brazil's consolation strike came in the 90th minute
Brazil's consolation strike came in the 90th minute | Pool/Getty Images

If we hadn't figured it out over those first 90 minutes, then it was confirmed for us in injury time, when Oscar added the epitome of a consolation goal: Germany meant business. While the camera zooms in on the sheepish Brazilian midfielder, Neuer and Jerome Boateng are going absolutely barmy behind him.

Furious at the manner in which they conceded a late goal in a 7-1 victory, the pair demonstrated just what it means to be a serial winner, and to strive for endless perfection. It was a minor footnote in a ridiculous match, but it told us almost as much as all the action that went before it.