​Steve Nash is one of the greatest point guards to ever grace a basketball court, but what if I told you this former NBA player's first love wasn't actually basketball?

Nash grew up in Canada in a household that loved soccer and he was infatuated with it since he was a baby (his first word was actually goal, so its only fitting). Nash went on to play an ​18-year career in the NBA, but has finally gotten back to being around the Beautiful Game. 

Since he's retired, he's played a lot recreationally and has even become a co-owner of an MLS franchise, the Vancover Whitecaps. And now, Bleacher Report has just announced they have hired Nash to cover soccer for them.

Nash has a wide knowledge of the sport both nationally and internationally, and will surely have plenty of fans and viewers tuning in to hear his takes on the game.

He's got himself an interesting persona and ​knows a thing or two about sharing the ball on both the court and the field, so this is certainly a great move by B/R to bring him in. And considering that the MLS season just kicked off, the UEFA Champions League knockout stage is in high gear, and the 2018 World Cup begins in June, the timing couldn't be better.