​Romelu Lukaku instigated something of a 'north vs south' divide debate on Twitter recently.

The Manchester United star took to his personal account to joke about the possibility of setting a NBA All-Star inspired Premier League match between those who play for northern English top flight clubs and those who for play for ones in the south:

The idea caught on with Lukaku's tweet receiving around 69,000 likes and one Youtuber in the form of 'The Masterbucks' decided to take up the Belgium striker's idea and turn it into an actual event:

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Of course, much of the time was spent actually deciding who should play for each side but, after much deliberation, the starting lineups were selected.

The likes of Sergio Aguero, Mo Salah, David De Gea and Kevin De Bruyne turned out for the All-Star Northern XI while Harry Kane, Thibaut Courtois and Riyad Mahrez were picked for the Southern side.

We won't reveal who won the contest as it's best to get all of the reaction from the video above, but suffice to say it proves to be a tense affair that comes down to who holds their nerve on the day!