Netflix & Skill: 7 Football Movies, Series & Documentaries to Watch This Year

Juventus have launched their eagerly awaited Netflix series 'First Team' this year, promising behind the scenes access to one of the world's biggest and most successful football clubs.

It feels distinctly underwhelming, however, failing to hit its vast potential. The whole production comes across as little more than an marketing tool to promote the club to a wider audience, while the voice of American narrator DB Sweeney doesn't really match the series either.

Disappointing is unfortunately the word.

But it is not the only football content available to Netflix users and these seven movies, series & documentaries will keep you entertained this year...

7. One Night in Istanbul (Film)

The 2005 Champions League final is one of those 'where were you?' moments for every Liverpool fan after the club's incredible comeback against heavy favourites AC Milan.

A crime comedy, 'One Night in Istanbul' is based on the Nicky Allt play of the same name and was even promoted by the club when it first came out in cinemas in 2014.

The story centres on two Liverpool taxi drivers who strike a deal with a gangster in order to take their sons to the final in Istanbul, only to find trouble waiting for them in Turkey.

6. Boca Juniors 3D: The Movie (Documentary)

Boca Juniors is more than just a football club, it is a religion for an estimated 40% of all football fans in Argentina. Their Bombanera home is one of world football's iconic venues and 'Boca Juniors 3D' focuses on the incredible passion there is surrounding the Azul y Oro.

Boca is like nothing else fans in England have ever seen and this is well worth a watch for the goosebumps alone.

Spanish language w/ English subtitles

5. Club of Crows (Series)

Mexican comedy drama 'Club of Crows', or 'Club de Cuervos' in Spanish, saw its third season land on Netflix in September 2017 and so is really something to get your teeth into if you're looking for a new binge opportunity.

It begins by focusing on a brother and sister (Chava and Isabel) warring for control of a top Mexican soccer club following the untimely death of their father. A third claim also comes from their father's much younger girlfriend, who says she is pregnant with his child...

Spanish language w/ English subtitles

4. Les Bleus: Another History of France (Documentary)

'Une Autre Histoire de France' tells the story of a turbulent time for the French national team, covering the social, cultural and political events that affected Les Bleus and the country as a whole during a fascinating 20-year period.

With input from players, academics, politicians and others, the subject matter is modern history unfolding before your very eyes.

French language w/ English subtitles 

3. Soccer City (Documentary)

Released in the same year that South Africa hosted Africa's first World Cup, 'Soccer City' takes a look at how football plays a part in the lives of local people in the country's townships.

The documentary follows five individuals in the notorious Johannesburg township of Alexandra, including a teenage female star famed for her dribbling skills, a former national team player, a current professional, South Africa's first ever professional, and a scholarship winner hoping to make his own mark in the game.

2. Summer of '92 (Film)

Titled 'Sommeren '92' in its native Danish, this film focuses on Denmark's incredible story at Euro '92 from the perspective of much maligned head coach Richard Moller Nielsen - from him getting the national team job against the wishes of many, to conflicts with star players such as Michael Laudrup, through to the tournament itself in Sweden that summer.

Brian Laudrup, Peter Schmeichel and Arsenal cult hero John Jensen are all portrayed, while midfielder Kim Vilfort's part in the story is particularly emotional.

Danish language w/ English subtitles

1. Gascoigne (Documentary)

Watch tragic English hero Paul Gascoigne talk about his own career from boyhood as he joined Newcastle at youth level through to the late 1990s when his international career came to an end after surprisingly missing out on selection for the 1998 World Cup.

This film offers an insight into the complex problems the mercurial talent has faced in his life, from the frustrating string of major injuries that contributed to his alcoholism, and the paranoia of media intrusion that came later.

All inclusions available on Netflix UK & Ireland at date of publication