​Millwall have, for some reason, produced a rather dramatic video of one of the club's stewards embarrassing himself whilst attempting to remove a stray sponsor board from the pitch during their 2-1 victory over ​Sheffield Wednesday on Tuesday night.

The win hoisted ​Millwall up to 11th in the ​Championship, and the club were obviously in a playful mood as they decided to poke fun at the poor fellow simply trying to do his job. Emphasis on the 'trying'.

You can see the oddly overproduced video here, complete with Inception's 'Time' being played over the video, and tweeted with Coldplay lyrics:

​​Poor man.

Just imagine the amount of abuse he received from fans for an unfortunately strong gust of wind.

The best part about this is when the steward watches the sponsor board fly away from him. For a split second you can almost hear the ticking in his brain: "Should I go and grab it again? Something like that could really disrupt the match." He thinks to himself.

"No, sod it, I've already embarrassed myself enough."

And then he just walks away coolly as if nobody had noticed. The incident would've been spotted by a fair few in the stands - that's fair enough.

But was there any need for the club to further shame him and show it to all 95,000 of their followers? That man has a family.

Either way, that's a fun ten seconds that was 100% not a complete waste of time.