LIVINGSTON, SCOTLAND - JULY 12: Jack Rodwell of Sunderland in action during the pre season friendly between Livingston and Sunderland at Almondvale Stadium on July 12, 2017 in Livingston, Scotland. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

6 Jobs Sunderland Should Give Jack Rodwell While Playing Strike Continues

Jack Rodwell; A man who claimed he is as fit as he has ever been, but is yet to ask Chris Coleman for minutes on the pitch. 

A man who is desperate for game time, yet refused to go on loan. A man who insists it's not all about the money, yet will not accept a substantial, but smaller, pay off from Sunderland compared to the remainder of his contract. 

So, while his side continue to flounder in the depths of the Championship , and he continues to take home his £70k-per-week after making just a single league start all season, let's take a look at six things the Black Cats could employ the midfielder to do while he continues his sickening protest...

1. Bar Attendent

Like any football stadium in the country, the bar is still a busy place at half-time inside the Stadium of Light, even if the stands appear not to be. 

The amount of staff on hand to deal with the masses of supporters who have developed acute alcoholism due to spineless showings week after week is rather inadequate. 

Although, some kind of protective helmet would be advised if he is serving up bottles. 

2. Steward

After relegation, Sunderland owner Ellis Short was forced to cut costs, and stewards bore the brunt more than most. 

Stewarding, in general, is a rather thankless task, which would make it all the more sweeter for the red and white army to see Rodwell in a high visibility jacket.

3. Warm Up...For 90 Minutes

My personal favourite.

If I was Chris Coleman, and at this present moment, I am quite glad I'm not, I would have Rodwell in the matchday squad, only to make him run up and down the touchline for the entire match, subjecting him to a chorus of boos and abuse. 

4. Ballboy

Picture it now, the ball goes high and wide over the crossbar - not that uncommon at the Stadium of Light - leaving Rodwell attempting to coax supporters into giving him the ball back. 

Although, if the midfielder was entrusted with the role of resupplier, it should be solitary. Witnessing him run from one end of the pitch to the other every time the ball goes out of play would certainly test his apparent 'peak' fitness levels. 

5. Waterboy

As most people who play team sports will know, the position of waterboy is pretty much the ultimate insult. 

Although, Rodwell, dressed as some kind of human Lucozade bottle, dishing out the drinks would certainly put the smile back on a lot of glum faces on Wearside. 

6. Mascot

To be fair, he may already hold this position. Actually, I have never witnessed Samson or Delilah pulling up with a hamstring problem, so maybe not. 

On second thoughts, being a mascot could well turn out to be too tricky for Rodwell, as at half-time you have to kick a football, and, I believe, he's allergic.