​VAR has been at the heart of a number of controversies since the FA's decision to use it in all Emirates FA Cup games this year. The use of the technology sparked uproar in ​Liverpool during the ​Merseyside derby in January, as fans complained that it added a huge level of uncertainty - and unnecessary stoppages - to a massively important game. 

This weekend, VAR and its explicit deficiencies, have reared their ugly head once again. Unlike the Merseyside derby controversy however, fans have pointed to the weirdly drawn offside lines as the point of contention.

During the first half of ​Manchester United's FA Cup clash with ​Huddersfield Town, a seemingly legitimate Juan Mata goal was ruled out for offside. After VAR deliberation was used however, something in particular caught the eyes of Man Utd fans watching from the comfort of their homes. 

​​Unbelievably, the guy - whoever he is - who draws the offside lines for VAR, can't actually draw a straight line.

Seriously, just use a ruler the next time guys...