​Gary Cahill has been taken back at the news of Ryan Mason's early retirement, but has wished him good luck in the future.

Mason suffered a severe fractured skull injury after an aerial duel with Mason, when Hull travelled to ​Chelsea in January of yesteryear.

The midfielder underwent surgery and a lengthy rehabilitation procedure for the rest f the year in an effort to bounce back.

However, the club confirmed on 13th February ​Mason would not be returning and would, indeed, be retiring from football at the age of 26.

In ​Hull's statement, it says Mason sought counsel from world-renowned neurologists and neurosurgeons who each advised him a return to competitive football is ill-advised.

Gary Cahill expressed his deep remorse on Twitter.

"Devastated to hear today's news from Ryan [Mason]. Competing for a corner is something we've done thousands of times and to see those consequences for a top professional like Ryan is heartbreaking.

"Sending all my love to him and his family, and wishing him the best in the future."


Following the draw with ​Juventus, Mauricio Pochettino has said the door remains open for a link-up with former side Spurs in, presumably, a non-competitive role.

Admirably, there has been no shortage of people - including fellow players - wishing Mason a fortuitous future.