Major League Soccer outfit FC Dallas have signed a new agreement with Bundesliga champions  Bayern Munich regarding a reciprocal youth development policy for the foreseeable future, according to the  Sports Business Journal.

FC Dallas are always looking to improve their talent base and this reported deal is indicative of the forward strides made by the club. They will become the first MLS side to team up with an elite European team to develop young players.

The deal will allow the two clubs to exchange youth talent on a regular basis, meaning young players can work with both sets of coaches and scouts from both organisations. Coaches will also look to exchange expertise, as well as organise matches between youth players.

The deal has been finalised on Tuesday morning, as the Toros travel to Arizona for their last full week of preseason games before the CONCACAF Champions League.


There is currently no financial or specific commercial initiative attached to the deal, but the Toros' President Dan Hunt claims "there is room for the partnership to evolve."

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The American outfit has been one of MLS's top producers of homegrown talent in recent years, and Bayern has placed an emphasis on supporting youth since its arrival in the US; including a partnership with Global Premier Soccer.