Ex-Newcastle United midfielder Joey Barton believes that his former side are at risk of "yo-yoing" between the Premier League and the ​Championship if the club don't have a change in ownership.

It was expected that Amanda Staveley would take over from the club's controversial owner, Mike Ashley. However, the proposed deal appeared to fall through and the latest reports suggest that Stavely is yet to revisit the proposed takeover bid.

With Ashley still firmly in charge of the club, Barton believes that ​Newcastle's supporters are getting short-changed with the lack of investment in the squad this season.

"The club will not be the club it could be while they've got the owner they've got," Barton told the Chronicle (via the Daily Mail). "He's not going to change. It's sad, but that's his way of doing things and I feel sorry for the supporters because they do deserve more.

"It's a huge football club and it should be in the ​Premier League - it should never be out of it or even in a position where they're thinking it might not be. It's a sad predicament of mismanagement.

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"Does he want to keep yo-yoing between the two divisions? Is that the plan? He owns the football club, but it needs a change of regime.

"They have a good manager there who, if you give him a bit of money, he tends to do well," Barton added.

"But he keeps getting the Ashley nonsense on transfers, so the question has to be whether he will stay there or not. It's a perfect club for someone like Rafa. It could grow to be something so much bigger than what it is now."