REVEALED: The Top 20 Football Clubs in the World Ranked by Twitter Interactions

The rise of social media in the 21st Century has evolved the fan experience of football to previously unimagined heights. While in the past a supporter would have to settle for television highlights and - shock horror - actually going to watch their local team in action, they can now follow any team they desire in great detail, via social media websites such as Twitter.

Pretty much all football teams maintain at least some form of social media presence - as it allows them to interact with and grow a fan base across the globe. From minute-to-minute match coverage - complete with the completely necessary GIFS of players celebrating - to behind-the-scenes reporting and increasingly bizarre player unveilings, Twitter provides an endless stream of club content for the dedicated fan.

Depor Finanzas has complied a list of the top 20 football club's in the world based on their Twitter interactions in December 2017 - which covers actions such a profile views, retweets and comments. It certainly makes a compelling read, with an eclectic mix of sides joining the big boys in the league of social media masters...

20. Al Ahly - 532,537 Interactions

Kicking us off, it's Egyptian giants Al Ahly.

When it comes to success Al Ahly are up their with the best, having notched up an extraordinary 39 league titles and 36 domestic cup competitions in their history. 

Proudly proclaiming themselves as the 'African Club of the 20th Century' Al Ahly maintain a highly-active presence on Twitter, providing nearly three millions followers with a comprehensive account of the club's daily goings-on.

19. Al-Hilal - 555,098 Interactions

In at number 19 it's Saudi Arabian side Al-Hilal, who are among the oldest sides in the country's top-tier.

While being fairly active in the transfer market, Al-Hilal are yet to jump on the Twitter bandwagon of the increasingly-ludicrous player unveiling videos - instead traditionally uploading pictures of their new signings shaking hands with their new employers.

The club made history earlier in the month, as they allowed the nation's women to enter a football stadium and watch a match for the very first time in the league's history.

18. Grêmio - 585,124 Interactions

The first Brazilian inclusion in the list, Grêmio triggered mass parties on the streets of Porto Alegre after they scooped their third Copa Libertadores trophy in November 2017.

Among some of the most enthusiastic match-day Tweeter, Grêmio routinely send their online fans into a frenzy with their traditional "GOOOOOOOL!" based updates when they score.

Gremio's inclusion in the list could well be a by-product of their involvement in the Club World Cup - which saw the side narrowly lose to La Liga giants 1-0.

17. Corinthians - 636,600 Interactions

Last season's Brazilian Serie A winners Corinthians samba their way into the top ten with well over half a millions interactions.

Showing off their famous win to nearly six million followers, Corinthians painted Twitter gold with their jubilant celebrations after lifting the trophy for the first time since 2015.

Their Twitter page also gives a lot of coverage to their fans - routinely showing off impressive footage of club's passionate supporters roaring their lungs out on match day.

16. Paris Saint-Germain - 654,624 Interactions

A bit of a surprise here, as Paris Saint-Germain find themselves pretty far down the bottom of the list.

Ligue 1's reputation as the poor cousin (well, rich cousin with a relatively poor standard of football) among Europe's elite is arguably to blame for this, as PSG really are a beluga sturgeon squeezed inside a blow-up paddling pool.

PSG still enjoy a large Twitter audience, and kept the footballing world on tenterhooks as they mercilessly teased fans with the drawn out Neymar transfer saga last summer.

15. Spurs - 844,057 Interactions

Known for their sharp photography, training ground coverage and more infographics than you can shake a stick at, the Spurs Twitter page is a real treat for the fans and footballing neutrals alike.

They're also no strangers to the player signing video phenomenon, with their latest acquisition Lucas Moura being captured strolling around the club's training complex engaging in a series of complex handshakes with his teammates.

14. Independiente - 871,183 Interactions

In at number 14, it's every lazy Football Manager player's source of dazzlingly skilful wonderkids - Independiente.

The Argentine side haven't won a league title since 2002, but still maintain an impressively large fan base.

Sergio Aguero, Esteban Cambiasso and Diego Forlan all enjoyed successful spells with the club, who pride themselves on their notoriously reliable youth academy.

13. Juventus - 934,233 Interactions

While it looks like Juventus' vice-like grip on Serie A is finally showing signs of weakening, la Vechinna Signora are still a force to be reckoned with on pitch, and social media for that matter.

Eyeing up their seventh Serie A title on the bounce, the Turin titans offer a suitably classy approach to Twitter - wowing their fans with a host of glossy behind-the-scenes clips.

Juventus provided one of the footballing social media highlights of the 2016/17 season, with their new logo unveiling bringing out the best (or perhaps worst) of Twitter users' creative sides in their approaches to offering an alternative design.

12. Fenerbahçe - 1,306,751 Interactions

Partial to a goalscorer celebration GIF and as focused on their thriving basketball team as they are their footballers, Fenerbahçe maintain an impressive Twitter presence, and blast their way into the millions on the Interactionsometer.

The multi-sports club certainly don't spread themselves too thin, and their comprehensive coverage of their football side is testament to this.

Playing their home games at the cauldron-like Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium, Fenerbahçe are sight to behold when at their formidable best - mesmmirisng their opposition in their distinctive yellow and black stripes.

11. Bayern Munich - 1,494,977 Interactions

The Bavarian behemoths are the biggest club in Germany - routinely tearing up the Bundesliga  as they're roared by 75,000 passionate fans every other Saturday.

Known for their cheeky approach to Twitter, Die Roten certainly enjoy winding up their footballing colleagues on a regular basis.

The club know how to have a laugh at themselves too, and regularly post videos of their players making howlers in training - alongside captions giving the superstars a gentle ribbing.

10. Manchester City - 1,705,027 Interactions

Despite taking the Premier League by storm this season, Manchester City only just make the top ten.

There's no doubt that Man City's fan base is growing rapidly - and you'd be hard-pressed to argue against the claim that they're threatening to replicate the mighty brigade of Alex Ferguson-era, Man Utd glory-hunters.

Man City arguably have the best Twitter team in the league - as evidenced by their quick-thinking in playing Bristol City at their own game during the Carabao Cup quarter final; matching the Championship side's outrageous celebration with some antics of their own.

9. Arsenal - 1,815,051 Interactions

The Gunners slip effortlessly into the top ten, even this may be largely due to at least 75% of the interactions being enraged fans either calling for Arsène Wenger to dust off his cheque book, or simply resign.

Masters of the grand player unveil, Arsenal's latest effort for the signing of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is truly impressive - with the Gabonese goal-machine seemingly awakening in a mysterious pod, before showcasing is skills amid beams of flashing lights. My word.

8. Galatasaray - 2,122,893 Interactions

You have to hand it to Turkish football clubs, they certainly know how to create a stir when announcing a big signing on Twitter.

Galatasaray are no different, and announced their new signing of Japanese sensation Yuto Nagamoto by mocking-up a film poster in which the ex-Inter star is billed as 'The Last Samurai'. This is a truly bizarre world we live in.

Unusual announcements aside, Galatasary have a mighty eight million followers who they treat to an impressive range of club content.

7. Flamengo - 2,141,276 Interactions

Flamengo remain one of the most alluring clubs in South American football, with the likes of Adriano, Zico and Ronaldinho all having graced the hallowed turf.

Priding themselves on beautifully shot, high-quality videos, the Mengão can be applauded for  both the quality and the quantity of their content.

The club's level of detail is highly impressive, as is the staggering amount of gym work the first team appear to put in on a daily basis.

6. Chelsea - 2,507,545 Interactions

Narrowly missing out on the top five are Premier League champions Chelsea.

The west Londoners saw sharp uptake in fans when Roman Abramovich transformed the club after his big money takeover in 2003 - turning the formerly impressive side into European giants.

Chelsea play a mean Twitter game, tending to stay clear of viral campaigns and instead focusing on in-depth club content such as player profiles and training ground updates.

5. Liverpool - 2,257,537 Interactions

Liverpool edge their way into the top five with over two and a quarter million interactions.

Playing a tantalising style of football and wearing one of the most alluring kits in world football, it's understandable that Liverpool garner a huge amount of support from beyond Britain's shores.

The Reds are known on Twitter for their cartoon-style GIFS when their stars score, rapturously lapped-up by a fiercely-loyal fan base.

4. Beşiktaş - 2,968,832 Interactions

Storming in ahead of the Reds, it's Turkish Super Lig giants Beşiktaş.

Renowned for their social media antics, Beşiktaş have become a must-follow for any football-loving Twitter user. Last summer provided a real highlight, with the club announcing the signing of Alvaro Negredo via a dramatic video starting Pepe making big waves on social media.

With a population of nearly 80m, it's no surprise that the Turkish giants are at the top end of the list.

3. Manchester United - 3,765,624 Interactions

Topping the table for English sides, it's Premier League giants Manchester United.

Generally considered as the first English side to 'go global' the Red Devils far-reaching fan base paved the way in opening up the top-tier to a football lovers across the world.

United have had to watch on helplessly as their local rivals Manchester City have steamrollered their way to the top of the league this season, but that clearly hasn't lead their online supporters to lose faith with the club.

2. Real Madrid - 4,439,683 Interactions

Close, but no cigar this time, fellas.

Real Madrid narrowly miss out on the top spot, having amassed an eye-watering number of interactions last December. 

Given their torrid run of form this season, it would be fair to say that a decent proportion of this Twitter activity could be moans of anguish from their supporters - or indeed the taunts of their rivals.

I wonder who on earth could have beaten Los Blancos to the top spot...

1. Barcelona - 4,949,774 Interactions

...Well, it was never going to be Inverness Caledonian Thistle, was it?

Barcelona top the list in unsurprisingly style, with the football super power raking in nearly five millions interactions in the space of a month. Boasting an enormous fan base stretching from Brunei to Timbuktu, Barça edge their fierce rivals Real Madrid in the social media battle.

With Lionel Messi plying his trade for the Catalan giants for the best part of a decade it's unsurprising the club have accumulated so many fans - with every Tweet posted seized on with a voracious appetite.