​It's probably fair to say that Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho and Chelsea boss Antonio Conte are not BFFs. 

Their war of words has been well documented over the last few weeks, which stemmed from Mourinho's unhappiness with some of Conte's behaviour on the touchline. 

While their public spat may be over (for now), animosity must surely remain at the pair both dealt low blows and harsh words at one another. But even after all has been said and done, it seems that Mourinho can at least find the funny side in his feud with Conte. 

Mourinho was ambushed by Italian news reporters this week outside of Manchester's Lowry Hotel and he was given an extra special Man United shirt to sign.

The photos (as reported by the ​Sun) show Mourinho being handed a Red Devils top with 'Antonio Conte 1' printed on the back. After being handed a pen, Mourinho duly signed the shirt with his very public enemy's name on the back. 

Manchester United v Chelsea - Premier League

After being shown what the jersey said on the back, Mourinho was able to laugh off the joke, before continuing inside to his hotel residence. 

Conte has called Mourinho 'senile' and a 'little man'. Meanwhile, Mourinho dredged up old wounds by reminding people that Conte was once charged with match-fixing while he was the manager of ​Juventus.

What is for sure is that the next fixture between ​Manchester United and ​Chelsea is sure to be a cracker.

Mourinho and Conte will meet on the touchline again on the of February 25. Conte's Blues are currently three points behind Mourinho's United so there will be plenty at stake in that upcoming fixture.