It is that time of year where players seek a transfer as they look for a new challenge, it inevitably means bidding farewell to their former teammates and coaches in the process, however what is often an amicable situation has been taken to another level by members of Swedish side IFK Göteborg. 

It is safe to say that players of IFK Göteborg have not taken the news of the departure of their teammate Soren Rieks to rivals and reigning Allsvenskan champions, Malmö FFU, very well as they flocked to social media to post pictures of a snake, the Robin Hood snake to be exact - but, their bravery should be commended. 

The coordinated effort to use the same picture and caption is sure to let Rieks know exactly how his departure has left his teammates John Alvbåge, Sebastian Eriksson and Emil Salomonsson feeling as we are use to fans using the snake emoji when players leave the club, but players themselves deploying the transfer exclusive sign takes it to a whole different level. 

It is a clear contrast to the messages Philippe Coutinho received from his teammates at Liverpool once his move to Barcelona was finalised as he was ​inundated with messages of praise and well wishes. 

Whether the posts were part of an inside joke remain to be seen, but it does suggest that - although they may not show it often - players can feel as torn up about transfers as the fans are.