Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has insisted that he will be given 'all the money' from the Philippe Coutinho sale to spend on new players, seemingly denying suggestions that existing deals for Naby Keita and Virgil van Dijk have already seen the huge windfall spent.

Liverpool are thought to have received around £106m up front from Barcelona, with a further £36m to come in the form of add-ons. And although it would be easy to say that money accounts for Keita and Van Dijk buys, Klopp is only looking ahead.


"We will get all the money," Klopp is quoted as saying by the Liverpool Echo.

"Always since I'm in here we can have all the monies from transfers and more if needed. Since I've been in nobody told me 'no way'. We talk about the age, the price, everything. It's all good," he added.

"So far we got all the players we wanted to have."


Liverpool's capture of Van Dijk from Southampton marked a new world record fee for a defender, while the Reds could end up paying more than £60m for Keita if they really do go ahead and inflate the pre-arranged fee to take him to Anfield several months earlier than planned.

"The owners are completely on my side. It is not that they say 'You've got this but on the other hand we've done this and this and so you cannot spend'. Everything is fine. We have no money issues at this club," Klopp went on to say.

The one doubt surrounds whether Liverpool will move to replace Coutinho before the end of January or wait until the summer when the picture is likely to be clearer. Klopp had already hinted he would rather wait, urging the rest of the squad to 'step up' in the meantime.

"One player has left and it's not too cool but it's not a real problem at all. We will bring in other players, that's for sure. If we do it in this window, I don't know," he explained.